Full-spectrum Thinking

Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future by Bob Johansen

The right book at the right time (published in 2020). „Full-spectrum thinking is the ability to seek patterns and clarity across gradients of possibility – outside, across, beyond, or maybe even without any boxes or categories – while resisting false certainty.” This book is mostly about why full-spectrum thinking will be necessary to thrive in the future. It is designed for use in training and executive development programs for corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and military. It includes guidelines, tools and actions you cand take to develop your own full-spectrum thinking mindset as well as spread this kind of thinking across your organization.

„The past cannot continue” – the title of part one of the book has never been so close to all of us (not only readers of Bob Johansen’s books).

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